Tux Paint 0.9.22

Free drawing and design software that's great for kids and users of all ages

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Tux Paint 0.9.22
Tux Paint (GPL)

Tux Paint is a free drawing app designed by its developers to serve as the first introduction that younger kids have to drawing and painting with computers. Once you see how much fun your kids have though, you may want to try it out for yourself.

This app comes with a number of features that you can change and set up based on the age of your kids and how they play with the app. It even lets you change the way your kids save their work. You can tell it to always ask before saving a new drawing on top of one made in the past, to automatically overwrite an older picture when your child draws a new one or to keep the old drawing and save the new one in a new file. It also has an auto save option that automatically saves the work your child did when the app shuts down. This can prevent tantrums and crying fits caused by kids losing their work when the computer shuts down or the battery dies.

One of the best features of this drawing app is that it comes already loaded with a number of different templates. These templates actually turn your computer in to a coloring book. Each template uses dark black lines to create the outline of a drawing. Users can select a template from the home page and pick colors to use on those pages. Users also have the option of picking a blank page to make a drawing or creating a drawing on top of a colorful background.

Whether drawing or coloring, this app is easy to use. It features nearly 20 different colors that you can choose from on the bottom of the screen, including black, green, purple and red. Clicking on any color loads it onto your virtual brush and then appears on the screen as you move your mouse. The right side of the screen shows you all the brushes that you can use and gives you an idea of the effect that each one creates.

All the included tools appear in a list on the left side of the screen. You can use a paintbrush, design and use your own stamp, insert texts, add lines or make shapes. It also has undo and erase functions to help you get rid of mistakes. Adults and kids of all ages will like using Tux Paint to make their own drawings and to decorate fun templates.


  • Free alternative to drawing apps for kids and adults
  • Comes with templates that mimic coloring book pages
  • Has an option for viewing all artwork created in a slideshow
  • Includes an option for adding sound effects to pictures
  • Features a number of fun and interesting tools


  • Looks pretty outdated and old when compared to newer drawing apps
  • Some features are confusing to use
  • Frequently runs slow or crashes itself

Tux Paint is an application allowing users to create digital drawings and paintings. This app is aimed at children, and the interface is clearly designed with children in mind. The entertaining interface is both simple and colorful, and even young children should be able to use the app due to the simplicity of its design. Children can create pictures and save them to retrieve later. Tux Paint even has an autosave feature that can save the day when the app is accidentally closed too soon.

Tux Paint offers different settings that can configure the program to accommodate a child’s abilities and desires such as language, sounds and visual features of the drawing interface. Settings are controlled in an area that is separate from the drawing interface, so kids are unlikely to accidentally alter them when using the drawing and painting functions of the app.

There are many different features that users can take advantage of when creating their images. These features include stamps, magical designs, special effects, different colors and brush options. Children quickly catch on and learn to use all of the different features.

Recent changes to Tux Paint added on by developer Tux Paint Project have included the addition of 100 new stamps to try. The most recent version of the app is the 0.9.21 version that came out in March of 2010. The file size is 9.8 MB.


  • Very enjoyable for kids
  • Templates available for drawing and coloring
  • Different drawing tools to choose from
  • Pictures can be viewed in a slideshow


  • App sometimes functions slowly and isn't always stable

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